Do you want a website that will draw customers in? That will turn them into evangelists? The magic starts with good copywriting.

I can help ask the right questions to pinpoint the message you want to get across to your identified audiences. Want to talk to your audience in their words? I write your messages in the way that draws in your audience, using their language and phrasing, moving them toward the exact actions you want them to take. I want to help you move people: whether that be toward buying your product, supporting your cause or simply signing up to learn more and deepen their relationship with you.

I am located in Los Angeles and am available for client meetings. Get in touch with me.

Multimedia Content Development

Beyond writing, what else would you like to do together? Would you like to create video, infographics, podcasts? I can definitely help you do all of those things, in ways that both reach and move your intended audience. . 

As part of your overall communication strategy, I can help you map out your plan for video, photos or audio assets. I have experience producing long-form videos that help tell compelling stories in a holistic way. And ultimately, get you and your organization the results that you’re looking for for your campaign.