Franke Santos – Portfolio

Prop and Costume Making: Knit and Crochet Work

Poncho – Grace & Frankie

In Season 2 of Grace & Frankie, Frankie presents this poncho to Bree as a peace offering. Bree later wears it in the first episode of Season 3, pictured here. 

Art Direction by Propmaster Emily Ferry


Raising Hope: Crocheted Suit

In Season 4, Episode 2, I hand crocheted this suit for Tyler, played by Eddie Steeples. 

Work included: crocheted jacket, pants, dickey, tie, pocket square. 

Art Direction by Costume Supervisor Nadine Haders. 

Raising Hope: Crocheted Dummy

The crocheted suit was repurposed in a later episode of season 2. Joke is that Old Lady Stevens had crocheted herself a boyfriend. 

Work included: new pocket square and tie for suit, fully covering a dummy’s head with a wig and face, creating facial features. Not pictured: crochet-covered hands. 

Art direction by Propmaster John Frantz. 


Prop and Costume Making: Embroidery, Needlepoint and Cross Stitch

Come Away: Needlepoint

This needlepoint piece was created for the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie, Come Away. 

In addition to creating the needlepoint, I also gave Ms. Jolie a needlepoint lesson. 

Art Direction by Propmaster Don Miloyevich. 

Superstore: Cross Stitch

I hand embroidered/hand cross-stitched two pieces for Superstore. The first was a hummingbird made for Season 3, Episode 9, “Golden Globes Party,” where Jerusha (Kerri Kenney) presents the hummingbird piece as a housewarming gift to Amy (America Ferrera). 

In the second piece, made for Season 3, Episode 18, “Local Vendors Day,” in which Jerusha presents a cross-stitch piece to Dina (Lauren Ash), which has her head with the body of a stork. I paid special attention to the face so that the piece could be quickly read by the viewer. 

Art Direction by Propmaster Phil Shea. 



I offer fully custom calligraphy as part of my prop making services. I can also do custom calligraphy for weddings, special events or other elegant occasions. 


In December 2018, I had the privilege to teach all four of the Try Guys how to knit. I provided them with an instruction sheet and live instruction, as well as guidance on how to complete each of their Secret Santa gifts. Watch video here.

Producer: Rachel Cole